How Big Do Babydoll Sheep Get? What You Need to Know

A flock of Babydoll southdown sheep grazing in a field
Babydoll sheep have a standard height range of 18-24 inches, and weigh anywhere from 60-125 pounds. Originating in England, Babydoll sheep are among the smallest sheep in the world.

How big do Babydoll sheep get?

Height22-24 inches20-23 inches
WeightUp to 125 poundsAround 75 pounds

Officially known as Babydoll Southdown sheep, this breed has a standard height of about 18 to 24 inches when standing. Ewes tend to weigh around around 75 pounds, while rams can weight up to 125 pounds.

Most Babydoll ewes are around 20 to 23 inches tall, while most rams are around 22-24 inches tall. Sheep shorter than 17 inches tall, or taller than 26 inches, won’t qualify as a Babydoll sheep according to the breed standards. 

Native to Britain, Babydoll Southdown sheep are one of the smallest breeds of sheep in the world.

Why are Babydoll sheep so small?

Babydoll Southdown sheep are a naturally miniature-size breed developed and standardized by an Englishman named John Ellman in 1780.

They are naturally small, having developed from other small breeds in England. 

What are Babydoll sheep used for?

Two Babydoll Southdown sheep grazing in front of a river

Originally, Babydoll Southdown sheep were known for their hardiness and tender meat. However, over time, they developed a reputation as pets and hobby farm animals

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One obvious advantage of their small size is that Babydoll sheep can easily handled and care for. Babydoll sheep are curious and sociable, which make them ideal companions and pets. 

Hobbyist farmers often raise Babydoll sheep. They are a popular choice to use as “lawnmowers” for your backyard or as organic weeders for your small-scale orchard or berry farm. 

The fine fleece of Babydoll sheep appeals to hand spinners. Its quality is similar to a cashmere, with a micron count of 19 to 20.

Babydoll sheep are also used for exhibitions and pet shows. Since the breed is so small, Babydolls can be an excellent way for younger children to get involved with raising and showing a sheep.

How much land do you need for Babydoll sheep?

You don’t need much land to raise Babydoll sheep. One acre is enough for a small flock of five or so. They are perfect for a hobby farm. It’s best to raise multiple Babydoll sheep if you can, as they have strong flocking instincts.

What do Babydoll sheep eat?

Babydoll sheep live on a diet of grass and occasional grains. Like other sheep, their diet varies widely and they can have occasional treats like apples.

How long do Babydoll sheep live?

Babydoll sheep have a life expectancy of 10-16 years . Wethers live longer than ewes and rams. A healthy diet and environment are crucial to its lifespan.

How much do Babydoll sheep cost?

A genuine Babydoll sheep acquired from legitimate North American and British breeds can cost around $75 to $250. Show-worthy and breeder Babydoll sheep can command a price up to $600.


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