What is a Male Sheep Called?

Two male sheep
Male sheep are either called rams or wethers, depending on if they've been castrated or not. Other common ways to refer to a male sheep include the terms yearling rams, ram lambs, and teaser rams.

A male sheep is called a ram

A male sheep is known as a ram, unless it’s been castrated, in which case it’s called a whether. 

Rams younger than one year old are known as ram lambs.

What are the different names for a male sheep?

A ram standing on a mountain
RamAn uncastrated male sheep
WetherA castrated male sheep
Ram LambAn uncastrated male sheep under one year of age
Yearling RamAn uncastrated male sheep between 1-2 years old
Teaser RamAn uncastrated male sheep who has had a vasectomy
BuckSlang for a ram in the United States
TupSlang for a ram in the United Kingdom
  • Rams: Rams are uncastrated male sheep. Rams under a year old are called ram lambs, while year-old rams are known as yearling rams.
  • WethersWethers are castrated male sheep. Wethers are less aggressive and easier to manage than rams.
  • Ram lambs: Ram lambs are uncastrated male sheep that are under one year of age.
  • Yearling rams: Yearling rams are uncastrated male sheep that are between 1-2 years old. Once rams are a year of age, they will have reached sexual maturity and can be used for breeding.
  • Teaser rams: A teaser ram is an uncastrated ram who has had a vasectomy, meaning its testosterone levels are maintained but its ability to procreate is gone. Teaser rams are used to synchronize the sheep heat cycle and lambing periods of a flock of ewes.
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Slang terms for a male sheep


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