Montadale Sheep Breed Information, History & Facts

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Montadale Sheep thrive in many climate types and are an ideal choice if you are seeking a medium-sized, white domestic sheep that produces both quality wool and plentiful mutton. They were bred for their hardiness and excellent fleece that contains little lanolin.

This article covers the history of the Montadale sheep, their breed attributes, and examine the characteristics of their wool in detail. It also lists the positive attributes and benefits of owning Montadale sheep.

Where do Montadale Sheep Come From?

Montadale sheep owe their existence to a commercial lamb buyer with a dream.

E.H. Mattingly wanted to create the perfect dual-purpose breed, and began an extensive breeding program to achieve just that using Cheviot sheep and Columbia sheep as parent breeds.

He originally crossed Cheviot ewes with Columbia rams but achieved a better result when crossing Columbia ewes with Cheviot rams.

He wanted a sheep that was known for hardiness, but also well-muscled, that produced a high-quality white fleece.

After 15 years of careful selection, he finally produced the Montadale breed, and achieved his objective of creating the desired standard of his ideal sheep.

The Montadale sheep produced excellent wool, and had all of the desirable mutton characteristics he was looking for.

The official Montadale Sheep Breeders Association was created in 1945 by 5 charter members. Anne Gregory was one of these members who was later responsible for founding the Montadale Sheep breed registry system.

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Since the founding of the association, the Montadale breed has been used in both commercial and small farming operations.

What are the Characteristics of the Montadale Sheep?

The Montadale sheep is a brilliant white sheep with these qualities:

Body sizeMedium
Head sizeSmall
Ram weight200 to 275 pounds
Ewe weight150 to 200 pounds
Carcass qualityHigh
Fleece weightHeavy

Both rams and ewes must have good conformation, low sitting ears, and long, bare legs with black hooves, and are often strong and vigorous.

What Kind of Fleece Does the Montadale Produce?

This midwestern breed of sheep produces medium-grade heavy white fleece.

Yield45 to 60 percent
Fleece weight7 to 11 pounds
Staple length3.25″ to 4.5″
Thickness25 to 32 microns
(differs based on region)
Grade48’s to 58’s

Their wool is well known for having little lanolin content and high yields.

Why Should You Raise Montadale Sheep?

There are many reasons why you should consider raising Montadale Sheep on your sheep farm:

  • They were bred for hardiness and highly adaptable
  • They offer a high-yield fleece with little lanolin
  • Montadale wool is naturally bright white
  • They are dual-purpose, allowing for mutton and wool production
  • Montadale ewes are excellent mothers and raise multiple lambs
  • Montadale ewes produce plentiful milk
  • Montadale lambs grow quickly
  • They are a well-established breed and maintain an official registry


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