Teacup Miniature Sheep Breed Information, History & Facts

Two farmers with Ouessant sheep
Teacup miniature sheep are not a specific breed but a category of small breeds of sheep, including the Babydoll Southdown sheep, Harlequin Mini Meat, Mini Cheviot Sheep, and others. Teacup miniature sheep are popular on hobby farms and as pets.

What to know about Teacup Miniature Sheep

Teacup miniature sheep are cute, easy to handle, and docile, making them the ideal pets and additions to your homestead.

There is no qualification or standard for what makes a Teacup miniature sheep, but the mini sheep that typically make up this category often grow to an average height of between 17 to 24 inches. 

Teacup miniature sheep don’t need a lot of space. A group of five ewes and their lambs could thrive on about an acre of land.

What Are the Main Types of Teacup Miniature Sheep?

Here are five popular Teacup miniature sheep breeds:

Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Flock of babydoll southdown sheep by the water
Babydoll Southdown sheep

The Babydoll Southdown Sheep is a fluffy ball of fun that can evoke smiles from everyone that encounters them. They are known for their teddy bear faces and cute size.

The Babydoll usually comes with a coat that is white or off-white. There are also black and grey Babydoll sheep. 

They are one of the most popular miniature sheep choices, and are commonly bred to be kept as pets on a homestead, or used as lawnmowers and for weed control.

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The fleece of Babydoll Southdown sheep is soft and springy, running within the 19-22 micron range. The ewes have good mothering instinct and often bear twins, even triplets. 

Mini Harlequin Sheep

Also known as the Harlequin Mini Meat breed, this breed it originated in Australia. It is highly sought after for its hardiness, docile disposition, and color.

Both rams and ewes are polled, with broad heads. They are primarily used as pets, but they are also used for wool production.

Mini Cheviot Sheep

The Mini Cheviot is polled, and the breed comes in a variety of colors, from silver, black, white, and beige. The wool of this breed of sheep is dense, soft, and low-grease, with a thickness between the range of 25-32 microns.

The breed is often kept in a homestead to be raised as pets. They are also bred for wool and meat.

Miniature Shetland Sheep

Shetland Sheep are native to the Shetland Isles of Scotland. 

They are known for their fine wool. Their wool is considered one of the softest and finest among any other breeds from the United Kingdom. They make a great addition to the homestead as they are hardy and can easily adapt to different climates.

Ouessant Sheep

Teacup miniature sheep grazing in a pasture
Ouessant ewe

Ouessant sheep are considered the world’s smallest sheep breed and is a native to Ouessant, an island in France. The rams of this breed usually stand at a maximum height of 19 inches, and the ewes stand at 18 inches.

The wooly breed usually has a dense undercoat. They are primarily kept for wool production. Ouessant sheep can also be kept as pets, as they are naturally curious and friendly. 

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What is the smallest type of Teacup miniature Sheep?

The smallest breed of Teacup miniature sheep is the Ouessant Sheep, whose height ranges up to around 18-19 inches tall. They reach a maximum weight of about 41 pounds.

It is currently considered an endangered heritage breed. 

Reasons to Raise Teacup Miniature Sheep

Apart from the “cuteness factor,” taking care of Teacup miniature sheep has other advantages: 

  1. You can make a profit from wool or meat production or just breed them to sell to other people.
  2. Teacup miniature sheep tend to have gentle dispositions and are easy to manage.
  3. Miniature sheep don’t need a lot of food, unlike larger sheep. 
  4. Taking care of miniature sheep does not require a lot of land—a backyard or homestead land can be enough for a few sheep to graze and roam.


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